perfectly baked salmon

Do you have at least one go-to recipe up your sleeve?  I do. It is this one.  

For a few reasons.  You and I both know how fabulously healthy salmon is, but the real reason this is my go-to is because it is super easy and kind of fancy.  Once you have your timing down, it is pretty hard to screw this up. Prep time is minimal.  And best of all baked salmon is very French, and French people are fancy, therefore making this dish makes me feel fancy.  Oo la la

perfectly baked salmon

prep time / bake time
5-10 minutes / 15 minutes

This recipe is for one, but just add on depending on how many people you're cooking for.  One piece of salmon per person should be fine. 

6-8 oz piece of wild Alaskan salmon
1 lemon {half thinly sliced, half juiced}
3-4 basil leaves
extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper 

parchment paper
flat baking pan


  • Preheat your oven to 350º
  • Lay out a rectangular piece of parchment that leaves generous room on all side of your salmon so that you will be able to wrap it up comfortably.  
  • Cut the lemon in half, save one half for squeezing later.  Slice the other half into about 6 thin slices, and lay three onto the center of the parchment paper. 
  • Place the salmon piece on top of the lemon slices.

  • Next lightly drizzle some extra virgin olive oil over the top, squeeze the juice from the remaining lemon half, and season with salt and pepper. 
  • Place 3-4 pieces of basil on top of the salmon. 
  • Layer 3-4 lemon slices over the basil. 

  • Wrap the salmon up in the parchment.  Bring up the two length sides and roll them down towards the salmon leaving some room on top - about 1/2 an inch. Twist the two ends so that they are tightly sealed, but leave some breathing room around the salmon.  

  • Place you packaged salmon onto the baking pan and bake for 14-15 minutes for medium. Bake 16-17 for a more well done. 
  • **Note: oven cooking times can vary greatly.  I would recommend keeping a close eye being careful not to overcook your first time around.  Once you've determined the best time for your oven take note and you'll have perfect salmon every time.  
  • Remove the salmon, and unwrap the parchment paper and discard along with the lemon and basil.  Be careful because the paper will be hot and steamy.