aran goyoaga food styling + photography workshop // whistler, british columbia

I’ve long admired the food photography and styling of Aran Goyoaga of the beautiful and wildly popular blog: cannelle et vanille, and last week I had the opportunity to learn from her and learn more about her approach and technique at an ACE camp workshop in Whistler, BC, Canada. It was an incredible and wonderfully overwhelming  experience. I'm still trying to take it all in ...


Aran was just as I would have pictured from reading her blog. Knowledgeable, passionate, kind and generous. It was mesmerizing watching how effortlessly she styles a photo, or how she knows just where to go to find the perfect light in a room or prop for a photo. She has a love for food and an amazing ability to see the beauty in raw ingredients. It's truly what makes her a great photographer + stylist.


As amazing as it was to watch Aran at work, it was just as great to meet and form friendships with all of the other food bloggers, chefs, photographers, and other talented people at the workshop. You learn just as much from each other as you do the instructor. We had a blast, there were a lot of laughs and great memories made throughout the weekend and I'm excited stay in touch and watch the others grow in their careers and as photographers.



These photographs were shot over three days as we took trips to the local farm, had a picnic on the top of whistler mountain, visited the farmers market, and hung out at a lake house. Some of these pictures were styled by Aran, some were styled by us students, and many were taken candidly. Whistler made for an excellent backdrop for the weekend. It was my first time, and I cannot wait to return. 



There were a couple of other special people that were behind the scenes making sure things ran smooth, and making sure there was always good food {and chocolate} for us to enjoy. Nadia, of the stunning blog: la porte rouge, came to assist Aran. I've been daydreaming about the delicious salads Nadia made for lunch for us each day. She's a refreshingly unique and creative person, and a joy to get to know.

Last but certainly not least was Angela, the person who made this all happen. Angela runs a tight, but fun-filled ship. She's made an awesome career out of connecting different people from all over the world with common interests. You must check out her camps, they're amazing life building experiences. 



I took away more form this workshop than I ever could have imagined. I hope to stay in touch with the others from this trip, and I hope our paths will continue to cross both online and in real life.

Thank you Aran, Angela, and Nadia and the other wonderful ladies who were there for such an fun and memorable experience. 

xo - jodi