hazelnut truffles rolled in goji berries // raw + vegan + gf

If we're anything alike, you probably pretend that you don't care all that much about Valentine's Day, but deep down you love it and you're secretly hoping for a surprise delivery of big, beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

When I was single, sometimes I would hope that some really hot guy like ..... say ..... Bradley Cooper would send an enormous lovely bouquet of flowers to my work. You know, because stuff like that happens on Valentine's Day all the time. 

Now that I am happily married, I still pretend like I don't care all that much, and I still secretly hope that Michael will surprise me with flowers, or a food-related thing. And he does. He always does well. 

{and ... sorry Brad, you can hold the flowers, Michael beat you to the chase.}


I love Valentine's Day. It's a holiday about love. It's another reason to show the person/people in your life that you love them. It does not have to be a romantic type of love, it can be a friendship love, a parental love, an animal love. Celebrating love is a wonderful thing. 

I think one of the best ways to show someone you love them it to make something for them. And when that something is raw, vegan and loaded with super healthy vitamins and antioxidants, well then you are spreading extra special love all around. 

Nothing says "I love you" like homemade chocolate truffle rolled in a powerful aphrodisiac. Yes you heard me correctly. Goji berries are known in Asian herbalism not only for their high antioxidant content, but also for their aphrodisiac qualities.

Every single ingredient in this truffle is a super ingredient with superpowers. Cacao, cinnamon, coconut oil, and hazelnuts are all great for us, especially when consumed raw. 

I cannot think of a better gift than a homemade truffle that is as chocolatey and tasty as it is good for you. 

Happy Valentine's Day! XO

hazelnut truffles rolled in goji berries 

around 15-20 truffles


1 cup of hazelnuts 
12 Medjool dates, pitted
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
1/3 cup of cacao powder
1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon 
a small pinch of salt

1/4-1/3 cup of dried goji berries
(other optional toppings include: coconut shavings, any other toasted nut, cocoa powder)


  • Pre-heat the oven to 350º. 
  • Toast the hazelnuts on a baking sheet for 20 minutes. Allow them to cool slightly. Then, remove the skins. I like to do this by rolling them between my hands. I find they come off fairly easily this way, but for the more stubborn ones I just scratch off the remaining skin. 
  • Then place the peeled, toasted hazelnuts into a food processor and pulse until they are a fine consistency. 
  • While the food processor is running, add in the dates one at a time. Then, add the remaining ingredients: coconut oil, cacao power, cinnamon, and salt and pulse until everything is combined. The mixture should be slighty sticky, but holding together.
  • Place the mixture in a bowl and refrigerate for 20 minutes - 1hour. 
  • During this time, make the goji berry crumble. Place the dried goji berries in a food processor and pulse until they are a fine consistency. Place the crumble on a small, flat plate.
  • Form the truffles between your hand by rolling them between your palms. They should be about the diameter of a quarter, maybe slightly larger. Then, roll the truffle in the goji berry crumble. You can also alternate and coat them in different toppings if you like. 
  • Refrigerate again for at least an hour before serving. You can also make these ahead of time and freeze them if you prefer. Just be sure to defrost slightly before serving.