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My cookbook comes out April 24th ... and is available for pre-order now! 

A sophisicated, yet simple take on cooking with whole foods--filled with creative combinations that use fewer ingredients to elevate everyday fare into something extraordinary. More with Less bridges the gap between quick, everyday cooking and elegant, healthy food. Using simple equation-like combinations, this book inspires readers to make luxurious meals with very few ingredients and very little time. Unlike the time-saving cookbooks that rely on processed ingredients and unhealthy shortcuts, Jodi Moreno makes beautiful ingredients and simple cooking techniques the focus of your everyday meals. The book will also teach you how to maximize pantry ingredients and homemade condiments that quickly add layers of complexity to create elegant weeknight dinners. Start your day with the Coconut + Cherry + Oatmeal Souffle for breakfast, the Honey Roasted Nectarines + Kale with Dukkah + Oat Croutons for lunch, and finish with Crispy Cauliflower Steaks + Ginger Scallion Sauce for a light dinner. Filled with over 130 approachable recipes perfect for a busy weeknight, but also sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party. You will find tips on how to make the most of the whole vegetable, from root to leaf, and tips for turning leftovers into something spectacular.



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Early praise for More with Less:

“Jodi’s book transports you to a calm, beautiful place where she gives you all the tools to eat well. She has a generous collection of dressing and sauces that elevate any meal and a breadth of ideas for any season. The imagery is beautiful and the recipes are unique and full of wholesome ingredients—I can’t wait to dive further into this cookbook!” —Sara Forte, author of The Sprouted Kitchen and The Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon

“In More with Less, Jodi shares her philosophy for cooking simply and using food as medicine to create recipes full of texture and flavor that we want to eat with both our eyes and our hearty appetites.”  —Aran Goyoaga, author of Small Plates & Sweet Treats and creator of the blog Cannelle et Vanille

More with Less is a tour de force in sharing indulgent food that is deliciously healthy. Jodi Moreno is such a clever cook—she has a unique way of turning everyday ingredients into a spectacular, flavor-punching dish. Dishes like Caraway Tomato Baked Eggs, Deviled Brussels Sprout Salad, Piri Piri Broccoli Bites, and Thai Peanut Sweet Potato Skins are stellar examples of how we can all incorporate more smashing vegetables into our busy lives. Jodi is truly the “Condiment Queen”—her comprehensive chapter of homemade sauces, dressings, and condiments is truly exciting and I plan on making all of these soon! More with Less is an essential modern guide on how to eat more wholesome food in a tasty way.” —Hetty McKinnon, owner of Arthur Street Kitchen, and author of Community and Neighborhood

“As Jodi Moreno is a neighbor in Amagansett, I have had the pleasure of cooking with her on many occasions. I can also recall going to her place for the first time—I stood in awe of her beautifully stocked refrigerator, complete with condiments galore. Through these and many other kitchen interactions I have learned a great deal about Jodi’s cooking practices and principles and her steadfast belief in simple, quality ingredients and innovative techniques for healthier eating. Now with her beautiful cookbook everyone can gain insight into her kitchen, pantry, and refrigerator. Jodi shares how condiments are the secret weapon for throwing together a delicious meal, and I could not agree more. With More with Less, all of our kitchen encounters will be that much more wholesome, natural, and delicious!” —Athena Calderone, author of Cook Beautiful and creator of the blog EyeSwoon