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There is an undeniable connection between health, beauty, well-being and the food that we eat. What's Cooking Good Looking is all about the food that is good for us, tastes amazing, and makes us feel good from the inside out. Every recipe featured here uses whole, natural ingredients that are proven to have super-power effects on your health and appearance.  

This site was born out of my love for ridiculously good food and a desire to only eat the healthiest foods on the planet. Ingredients taste best when they are in their purest form, so it is only natural that cooking with these types of foods will produce amazing meals.  Good food will enrich your life. Hopefully, if you've made your way here, you feel the same way.   

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Hello there. I'm jodi.

I am a natural foods chef, and I write and photograph everything you see on this site.  It’s a place where I indulge in my love for really good food, healthy eats, occasional sweets, and pretty photography.  

Back in the day, I lived in key west, florida, worked as a photographer’s assistant, illustrated a wedding book, and had a love affair with big steaks and cheesy nachos. It's funny where life can take you….

Currently, I spend most of my time between nyc, and a little beach town called amagansett in long island, with my husband, michael and our sweet mutt dog, bayley. In May of 2012 I graduated from a natural foods culinary program that would forever change the way that I cook and view food.

Everything I make in my kitchen these days is wholesome, harvested from the source {my garden} whenever possible, or close to it {the local farmer’s market}, and has a nutritional purpose. Taste or satisfaction never take a back seat, and indulgences, both sweet and savory, are entertained often.

My food love has shifted to include more vegetables, more grains, more raw, more vegan, more seasonal, more of what’s good and less of what’s not.  I eat almost anything, except for cheese and butter, and that’s why you will find a lot of vegan recipes here.

I want to show people that vegetables can play a main role on the plate. 

As for the pictures, I was professionally trained on film and processed photos for a wildlife photographer who worked strictly with 35mm. Several years ago, I received my first digital camera as a birthday present and it sat in my closet collecting dust until I started to bring it out to take pictures of the food we were making at home and the recipes I was coming up with. I have not put it down since. 

I now shoot on a canon 5D mark III which goes with me anywhere, everywhere, and in-between.  

I love comments and questions so please feel free to share. Nothing makes me happier than to hear that a recipe of mine has made it’s way into your home.  

xo- jodi


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