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roasted baby artichokes + grilled radicchio + a garlic balsamic drizzle

There are several things that I get really really excited for this time of year:

The first day that I do not have to wear a jacket to go outside 

Planting the first seeds in my garden and growing fresh herbs on my fire escape

Being able to eat meals outside again 


Wearing open toed shoes, and throwing my boots to the back of the closet

Mounds of artichokes in the grocery stores and farmers markets

Spring onions

Cute little sundresses in pastel colors


Stuffing artichokes

Roasting baby artichokes

Artichokes ...... 

I love spring, I love artichokes, I just love this time of year. {Although, I'm a little reluctant to call it my favorite because come summertime when it's 80º outside and the fresh tomatoes are coming up in the garden then I'll be singing a different song.}

I love artichokes big and small. A big stuffed artichoke is one of my all-time favorite things, but when I want a quick artichoke fix I go with the smaller ones. I never used to bother with the smaller ones until I learned how to handle them. I didn't really understand them. I thought, what's the fun if you cannot pull off the leaves and anticipate getting to that delicious heart?

Then I realized, the small ones are a totally different experience. There is no leaf pulling, prickly center removing, or juicy heart eating. They are much less time consuming to prepare than the big guys. Once the tougher outer leaves are removed you are left with a tender inside that is completely edible and so tasty. You can grill then, blanch them, roast them, fry them ..... love them. 


Grilled radicchio is a wonderful thing too. It is fairly bitter on it's own so it needs a few accompaniments to mellow it out. The sweetness of the balsamic does just that, and so does savory mellow flavor of the artichokes. If you prefer something less bitter, this can be made with any type of hearty green or cabbage. Kale, romaine, red cabbage or swiss chard will all grill up nicely. 


So, if anyone is looking for me over the next few weeks you're likely to find me outside, eating artichokes sprinkled with fresh herbs from my herb garden, wearing a pastel sundress with some open toed shoes, daydreaming about what I am going to make with all the ramps and spring onions coming our way. 


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